¨Purity¨ by ASAP Rocky FT. Frank Ocean is a Triumph in Lauryn Hill Samples

Lauryn Hill samples have become de-facto in hip hop. Artists from Cardi-B to Method Man have sampled Ms. Lauryn Hill, not because her sound is elastic but because it is standard.

Lauryn Hill  lends track after track  genuineness giving even the laziest sample attempts an honest backbone.  A successful Lauryn Hill sample can even give a track wings as Rocky has proven with record ¨Purity¨.

Like most of the other songs on Rocky’s latest album, ¨Testing¨,  the track¨Purity¨ melts slow like Kohrs on a July day. Rather than simply plop direct Lauryn Hill vocals Rocky interweaves it with his and Franks.  The result is an ingenious meld of Rocky, Frank and Lauryn vocals amassing upon one another until crescendo.

Listen Bellow: