Sheer Foundation is Not The Only Means Of Female Liberation

From 2009’s cheekbone manufacturing contour to today’s off duty water nymph look the “it girl” makeup style has drastically changed, and makeup companies are promising that it’s for the best.

Because of course they really, really, get us, and knew that we NEEDED to be rescued from the absolute travesty that is full coverage foundation. From the explicit Tarte Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation to the subliminal Glossier Skin Tint female liberation has been promised in sheer coverage formulas, but the thing is that just isn’t fair.

Mass marketing empowerment is impossible, no matter how many  with targeted “feminist” words you throw in the description. If somebody feels free in complete coverage foundation, with up to the eyebrow glam eyeshadow and contour then so be it.

Empowerment is personal even a dewy sunkissed look won’t save you.

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