Good Evening, “Nice” is one of the best tracks on “Everything Is Love”.

So, it appears that the girls and gays have selected “Black Effect” and “Apeshit” as the front-runners of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s joint album Everything is Love, but I would like to present another option, the better option, that is track “Nice”.

What really makes the song is the  southern slow youthful Pharrell mix. Which is nice since in this heat wave we don’t want to be popping that a** to 170 BPM.

Furthermore, the track is ad lib heavy.  Mrs.Carter lets us know that her success “can’t be quantified” and that if she gave “two fucks about streaming numbers she would’ve put lemonade up on Spotify”, rendering the “he good in “Black Effect” harmless”. Jay-Z pulls through with the “F**** your subpoenas and your misdemeanors  was to busy touring out all your arenas”. Queen Blue even allowed them to shout her out, making this track a true Carter collaboration.

Nice was created to show up and show out.

Listen Below:


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